(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. watch, ogle, stare, view, observe, scrutinize, inspect. See vision. —n. orb, visual organ; optic; eyesight, perception; vision; opinion, view; hook, loop, opening. See circularity, body.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The organ of sight]
Syn. instrument of vision, compound eye, oculus (Latin), simple eye, ocellus (Latin), naked eye, optic, orb*, peeper*, lamp*.
Parts of the eye include: eyeball, ball, conjunctiva, pupil, retina, iris, cornea, ciliary body, eye muscles, lacrimal glands, optic nerve, aqueous humor, fovea, sclera, vitreous humor, choroid, white, lens, optic nerve.
2. [The power of seeing or judging]
Syn. perception, taste, discrimination; see appreciation 3 , sight 1 , taste 3 .
3. [A center]
Syn. focus, core, heart, kernel; see center 1 .
all eyes*,
Syn. attentive, aware, perceptive; see observant 2 .
an eye for an eye,
Syn. punishment, retaliation, vengeance; see revenge 1 .
catch one's eye,
Syn. attract one's attention, cause notice, stand out; see appear 1 , fascinate .
easy on the eyes*,
Syn. attractive, appealing, pleasant to look at; see beautiful 1 , 2 , handsome 2 .
feast one's eyes on*,
Syn. look at with pleasure, be attracted to, watch with delight, admire; see like 1 , watch 1 .
give someone the eye*,
Syn. look at, ogle, invite; see flirt 1 , look 2 , watch 1 .
have an eye for,
Syn. appreciate, be interested in, be discerning about; see appreciate 3 , like 1 .
have an eye to,
Syn. watch out for, be mindful of, attend to; see watch out .
have eyes for*,
Syn. appreciate, be interested in, deSire; see like 1 , want 1 .
in a pig's eye*,
Syn. under no circumstances, impossible, no way; see never .
in the public eye,
Syn. well-known, renowned, celebrated; see famous .
keep an eye on,
Syn. look after, watch over, protect; see guard 2 .
keep an eye out for*,
Syn. watch for, look for, be watchful, be on the alert; see watch 1 .
keep one's eyes open or [m1]peeled or [m1]skinned*,
Syn. be on the lookout, be watchful, be aware, look out; see watch 1 .
lay or [m1]set or [m1]clap eyes on*,
Syn. look at, see, view, notice; see see 1 .
make eyes at,
Syn. flirt with, ogle, invite; see flirt 1 .
my eye!*,
Syn. the hell!*, ridiculous, impossible; see never , no .
open one's eyes,
Syn. make aware, inform, apprise; see enlighten 2 , notify 1 , tell 1 .
run one's eyes over*,
Syn. scan, skim, glance at; see examine 1 , look 2 , read 1 .
see with half an eye*,
Syn. comprehend, perceive, see; see understand 1 .
shut one's eyes to,
Syn. ignore, disregard, refuse to see, refuse to consider; see disregard , neglect 1 , 2 .
with an eye to,
Syn. considering, mindful of, aware of; see considering .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
optical organ, eyeball, *peeper, orb, oculus, *winker, *baby blue. ''The pulse of the soul; as physicians judge the heart by the pulse, so we by the eye.''—Thomas Adams. ''The traitor of the heart.''—Thomas Wyatt. ''Windows of the soul.''—Guillaume Du Bartas. ''Sentinels.''—Cicero.
blackened, bruised: shiner, mouse
blindness caused by loss of retina’s rods: retinitis pigmentosa
blue eye, brown eye, having one of each: helerochroma iridis
bulging, protruding: exophthalmic
cavity: orbit, socket
close-up vision: nearsightedness, myopia
clouding of lens: cataract
color confusion: color blindness
color detectors, nerve cells: cones
colored portioned surrounding pupil: iris
corneal incisions that correct nearsightedness: radial keratotomy
crossed inwardly, one eye: esotropia, strabismus
crossed outward, one eye: exotropia
crossed outward, one eye or both: walleyed
cross-eyed, family of disorders: strabismus
dark spot that responds to light, dark: pupil
descriptive, shapes: almond, banjo, beady, bug, button, close-set, crescent, cue ball, deep-set, birdlike, fishy, goggle, hooded, lenticular, owlish, pop, rheumy, saucer, slanty, sloe, squinty, sunken, wide-set
discharge: rheum
distance vision: farsightedness, hyperopia
doctor: ophthalmologist, oculist
eyelid liner, inner: conjunctiva
feeling, showing deep: soulful
flashes of light, seeing: photopsia, scintillation
floating specks before: floaters (dead blood cells)
fluid between cornea and lens: aqueous humor
focusing body: lens
inflammation causing reddening of eyeball: pinkeye
inflammation of conjunctiva: conjunctivitis
inflammation on lid: sty
innermost layer where light rays are focused: retina
instrument: orthoscope
iris that is light-colored: walleye
jelly behind lens: vitreous humor
light sensitivity: photophobia
nerve to brain: optic nerve
Oriental skin fold: epicanthus
peripheral distortion: astigmatism
pertaining to: ocular
pressure build-up causing visual defects, blindness: glaucoma
pupil contraction: myosis
seeing double: diplopia
sunken: deep-set, cavernous
transparent outer membrane: cornea
velvety and dark: sloe-eyed
white of: sclera
look at, study, scrutinize, gaze at, *eyeball, scan, ogle, *give the once-over, regard, view.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. An organ of vision: orb. See SEE. 2. The faculty of seeing: eyesight, seeing, sight, vision. Archaic: light1. See SEE. 3. Skill in perceiving, discriminating, or judging: acumen, astuteness, clear-sightedness, discernment, discrimination, keenness, nose, penetration, perceptiveness, percipience, percipiency, perspicacity, sagacity, sageness, shrewdness, wit. See ABILITY, CAREFUL. 4. The position from which something is observed or considered: angle2, outlook, point of view, slant, standpoint, vantage, viewpoint. See PERSPECTIVE. 5. A length of line folded over and joined at the ends so as to form a curve or circle: loop, ring1. See STRAIGHT. 6. The most intensely active central part: midst, thick. See EDGE. 7. Informal A person whose work is investigating crimes or obtaining hidden evidence or information: detective, investigator, sleuth. Slang: dick, gumshoe. See INVESTIGATE. II verb 1. To direct the eyes on an object: consider, contemplate, look, view. Idiom: clap (or lay or set) one's eyes on. See SEE. 2. To look intently and fixedly: gape, gawk, gaze, goggle, ogle, peer1, stare. Idioms: gaze open-mouthed, rivet the eyes on. See SEE. 3. To look at or on attentively or carefully: observe, regard, scrutinize, survey, watch. Idioms: have one's (or keep an) eye on, keep tabs on. See AWARENESS, SEE.

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